Bike Rally


Today was the Pennsylvania Bike Summit.
We all gathered at the Farm Show Complex and posed for some pictures.

Farm Show

Gathering at the Farm Show Building

Then we rode down to the Capitol.

Sexy bicycle man

Bike Rally

Various politicians gave speeches. They read the Governor’s declaration of Bike Month and talked about some bills that are currently before the state legislature. One of them says that cars have to give bikes 4 feet of room when passing. One of them makes it a 2nd degree misdemeanor to intimidate cyclists and pedestrians.

This lady is the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Education from the Department of Education. She gave a talk about Safe Routes to School. Evidently, there’s a bazillion dollars in federal funding for this program that the State is just sitting on. Typical.

Lady from PDE

The dude from the Rails to Trails Conservancy was cool. I must have snapped this picture when he was making a goofy face. He says Pennsylvania has more miles of rail trails than any other state.

Rails to Trails Dude.

I learned some things I didn’t know, like that Cannondale bikes are all made in Pennsylvania, and that Fuji Bikes global headquarters is in Philly.

I ran into Doc at the end of rally. He managed to get a fabulously out-of-focus picture of the group..

One thing that bugged me was how everyone kept talking about “the sport” of bicycling. And most of the people in the ride were decked out to tour the Swiss Alps, not to ride 3 miles from the Farm Show to the Capitol. Bicycling is no more a sport than walking to the corner store is going on a hike.

Other than that, it was a fun morning. I didn’t stick around to talk to my representatives. Politicians kind of give me the willies.

I have a few more pictures in my Gallery, if you like to look at pictures, look there.

7 thoughts on “Bike Rally

  1. George McNally

    Cannondale just did a huge layoff….yup, they are going to be making their frames in Taiwan in the very near future.

  2. I really shouldn’t start drinking so early in the day. Your sport comment is spot on. Cycling needs to be regarded as a form of legitimate transportation, rather than a past-time, if it is to be taken seriously and receive the funding and support that it deserves.

  3. You should really consider talking to your State Representative and Senator next time, we had simple easy to follow talking points with leave behind information sheets and it was the most rewarding part of the day.

    The “Swiss Alps tour group” i.e. the Harrisburg Cycling Club were very gracious hosts, providing support for the ride and giving us bodies to make it look something like a courteous mass.

    Finally I think it’s important to remember that elected officials may refer to cycling as a “sport” because that is the only exposure that they may have had with politically active bicyclists, furthermore guys like Rep. Geist (a staunch conservative) are cycling enthusiasts. Our lobbying on the Hill yesterday was the first step to broaden the appeal of bicycle transportation beyond our current base in Harrisburg.

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