Terrible Trombone Music


I played the Trombone from 5th to 11th grade, then I stopped playing. 11th grade was about 17 years ago. For reasons that don’t really make sense, I have recently acquired a 1960’s vintage Conn Director Trombone from Craigslist. It’s beat to hell, dented and crusty.

I have already heard all the “I got a Rusty Trombone from Craigslist” jokes, so please no more.

Despite its battered condition, I’m sure it’s capable of producing satisfactory music in the hands of a more competent musician than me.

In my hands, it makes sounds that are pretty awful.

For your listening pleasure, and because I don’t have much else of interest to blog about at the moment, I have recorded my pitiful attempts to make music.



9 thoughts on “Terrible Trombone Music

  1. Jim

    This may be the motivation I need to dust off my trumpet. I think I can (after some practice) play the French horn version of that song (the trumpet version is too high for me). I have an old trombone I bought awhile back on ebay, but I don’t know the slide positions well enough yet.

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