More Trombone Music


Another Beatles tune on the Craigslist Rusty Trombone.

I probably should have turned the mic down a bit. Seems like I have some clipping issues in addition to my intonation, lip flexibility, and overall suckiness issues.


5 thoughts on “More Trombone Music

  1. George McNally

    Wow. I don’t play a musical instrument so i can’t say anything bad about your playing except that I’m not sure if you know how to play one either.

    I’m sorry, but that sounded like Charlie Brown on a handful of Quaaludes:-)

  2. momma

    Horrah! sounds good to me… after more than a decade of not playing – impressive. Perhaps George is not able to appreciate the complexity of playing a brass instrument. The trombone is one of the most difficult to master.

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