Surly Nice Rack on a Karate Monkey Fork


I like to take a lot of stuff with me when I go into the woods. Stuff like my camera, my lunch, maybe a book. You know, stuff.

I’ve not been riding my Karate Monkey very much lately, because it doesn’t have a good way to carry stuff.

So, I decided to get a rack for it.

The chainstays on the Karate Monkey are really short, and I wear size 15 shoes. I worried that with a rear rack, I’d be kicking my panniers with every pedal stroke. So, I opted for a front rack.

The Karate Monkey’s fork is made out of some really big tubing, so the front rack I already had for the Trek was not going to work.

I searched the internets high and low for ideas of what rack to get. I kind of had my mind pretty much made up that I wanted a Surly Nice Rack. Unfortunately, a google images search for “Nice Rack Front Karate Monkey” yielded no pictures. Evidently I am the first person in the history of the world to try this.

Anyhow, I talked to the people at Pedal Pusher. They weren’t sure, but they said they’d check with QBP before they ordered it for me (they didn’t have any in stock).

The result is that henceforth, people searching for pictures of Karate Monkeys with Nice Front Racks will not search in vain.


Surly Nice Rack (Front) on a Karate Monkey

It was a kind of a pain in the butt to get mounted, but it does fit.

In the picture, it looks like the rack isn’t level, but it is level in real life. The wheel was turned a little bit when I took the picture.

This was the first time I’d ever dealt with Pedal Pusher, and now I know why everybody says they are so kick ass. They totally are.

It strikes me as the kind of shop you’d expect to find Yehuda Moon working at. I didn’t see him there. Maybe it was his day off.

2 thoughts on “Surly Nice Rack on a Karate Monkey Fork

  1. You should be able to fit most of your lunch on that one. I’ve been looking at the Nice rear rack, but debating whether having low riders might be worth the extra cost. Still, the Surly’s certainly are beefy and a good value.
    Did you switch the dynohub to the KM, or is that second one?
    Glad to hear PP treated you well. Another convert.

  2. I got second dynohub. Now I can ride either bike in the dark. I am planning nocturnal assaults on Stony Creek, and I think the Monkey is finally ready, assuming it’s not too muddy… I don’t have fenders on it.

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