New BikePA Route: J2


I was driving around Lemoyne the other day, and I noticed that PennDot has put up signs for a new BikePA bicycling route.

So, I turned on the GPS and followed the signs to see where they went. The route goes almost the whole way to Gettysburg, connecting Route J with Route S.

PennDot hasn’t updated their maps in ages, but OpenCycleMap always delivers the goods.

BikePA Route J2 Map from

Once you get out of Mechanicsburg, it’s a very scenic ride. It runs for about 30 miles through farms and apple orchards. There are a couple of enormous hills, so be sure to wear comfy shoes for pushing your bike uphill.

Here’s a GPX file of the route, in case you’d like to put it in your GPS or mapping software.

4 thoughts on “New BikePA Route: J2

  1. Yeah I’ve traced J1 from the East Mall to Elizabethtown. I think it goes to Lancaster and meets up with Route S.

    I might go check it out this weekend if I get time.

  2. I’ve been looking at doing a 70 mile out and back to Gettysburg, but using the old Gettysburg Pike starting just south of Dillsburg. There are a few other routes logged on
    That orchard route is some beautiful scenery, but you’re right about the hills – they would do me in quick.

  3. Dino Angelici

    I posted a link to this blog on a Facebook (FB) page that I created for Bicycle Route J. You can find it on FB. If you don’t want me to use it, please let me know and I’ll take it off. I did enjoy your account of your ride and your photos and i thought that others, who may have an interest in the route would also appreciate your comments. Dino

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