Route J is not so scary


I live about 10 miles away from BikePA route J, which makes it the closest piece of “official” bike infrastructure to my house. I’ve never ridden on it before, because it’s just a bunch of signs on a really busy 5-lane highway, and I was afraid of getting run over by a semi.

I was feeling reckless today, and I braved the fog and drizzle to gave it a go. It’s not nearly as scary as it seems from a car. The shoulders are about 10 feet wide, and separated from the traffic with a rumble strip.

The 10 miles of 11/15 between my house and where route J starts is a terrible, no-shoulder piece of highway, so I drove to the Haldeman Island Wildlife area parking lot, and rode from there.

Haldeman Island Wildlife Management Area

“Wildlife Management Area” means it’s a place you can go hunting for ducks and geese in the river.

My bike on the bridge to Haldeman Island

Anyways, I rode north, past seedy motels, porno shops, and truck stops.

Stardust Motel - $38 / night!

I didn’t get very far before the rain started coming down pretty hard, so I turned around at the Clemson Island Wildlife Management (goose hunting) area.

Clemson Island

I’m glad this route isn’t as scary as I thought it was. I think there’s a picnic area a few miles north of where I turned around. I’m going to try to find it next time.

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  1. It’s the most fun when there’s a stalled car on the shoulder. Try riding the section of J from Dauphin to Ft. Hunter some time. The part that goes under the train bridge has about a 4 foot shoulder.

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