New Bicycle

I have a new bicycle. It is based on the very latest in Edwardian era technology. It features a single-speed drive train, and barely functional brakes.

It is slow, heavy, anachronistic, and somewhat ludicrous. I myself am slow, heavy, and ludicrous, so I think we should be very happy together.

Eastman Roadster

Eastman Roadster

6 thoughts on “New Bicycle

  1. Congrats. I have two new bicycles, both single speeds as well. But I’m guessing that together, they still weigh less than that beast. Sweet chainguard though.

  2. She’ll be sporting my Camper Longflap just as soon as the new seatpost arrives from Harris. The stock seatpost is only about 6 inches long, and I can’t get the saddle high enough to really ride it yet.

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