A bunch of people noticed in my Dailymile widget, that I was involved in a collision with a car on yesterday’s commute. At some point, I’ll probably write a big long story about the whole thing, complete with navel-gazing about the meaning of the universe, etc.

In the meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been typing a thousand times in response to a thousand emails from lots of lovely people concerned about my well-being:

  1. Are You OK? – As far as I know, yes I’m ok. I’m going to see a doctor tonight tomorrow, just to make sure. Mostly just scrapes and bruises. It was 20 degrees out, and I had a few layers of wool on to cushion my fall. 🙂
    Update: — Doctor says I’m ok, but I’m not supposed to ride bikes for at least a month 🙁
  2. What Happened? — I don’t really want to publicly divulge all the details, just in case for some reason all hell breaks loose and the driver ends up suing me for scratching her bumper with dynohub shrapnel or whatever, I don’t want some lawyer using my own blog against me in court.
  3. What about your bike?— Front wheel (shinamo dynohub) totally destroyed, front fork really badly bent. I don’t know if the fork can be fixed or not. Rest of the bike seems ok, but I haven’t really given it a good look.

    Update: — Took the fork over to Pedal Pusher. They said fixing a fork would be totally unsafe, but were not able to find a suitable replacement in their pile of spares, or from any of their suppliers. Fired off an email to Ozwald, to see about having a replacement custom-made.

  4. Where did it happen?Here. About a mile from home.

9 thoughts on “Crash!

  1. yosh

    Bummer. I haven’t had the, ahem, pleasure of becoming intimate with a car’s bumper, but I’m happy to hear you’re okay. I wish I could say the same about the wheel.

  2. Ouch! Can kinda see between the lines as to what may have happened. Glad you’re OK. You might need to check your frame around the headtube really well also for any bends or cracks. If you’re in a bind, we can get the C’dale assembled and up to you; and another thought is to pull the fork and front wheel off of it. Not the prettiest solution, but it might get your Trek back on the road. Let me know.

  3. I’m glad you’re relatively OK, doesn’t sound like there’s any major damage to you, at least. Bummer about the bike. It sounds like hopefully you know who the driver is, maybe their insurance will pay medical bills for both you and the bicycle.

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