Here we go again


I took the day off work today to put my bike back together. I have been too busy with piddling minutia lately to have the time to lay a wrench on it, so a day off seemed like a good idea.

Anyhow, I got her all back together, and rode down to the river to try to get a feel for what else might have been damaged.

It seems like I have a bent crank arm or bottom bracket (or both). The left pedal felt like it was sloping slightly, and my foot kept wanting to slide off.

You can’t tell from the crappy cell phone picture, but the shiny new unicrown fork doesn’t uglify the bike as much as I had feared.

Bike by the Susquehanna

The chrome on the fork kind of goes with the rims / stem / seatpost, and doesn’t throw the whole aesthetic groove off too much.

Anyhow, the bike is over at the shop, pending diagnosis of the funky pedal issue.

I hope they don’t have her too long. The weather is turning nice, and I have an S24O coming up, and my fitness is near an all-time low.

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