More Roadster Updates


I have been fine-tuning the roadster a bit. I was having problems with the Brooks b72 saddle. When I sat on it, the skirts would open up, and drop my butt right on top of the seatpost. Not fun. So, I took a drill and the lace from an old boot, and laced her up nice and tight. She seems a bit more comfortable now.

Brooks B72 laced up

It took a lot of trial and error with washers, but I was able to get the gearcase back on. I had to add a few washers between the chain stay and the gearcase to compensate for the widening of the rear end. It mostly works now, but now the driveside pedal rubs it a bit on the road. It doesn’t do that in the repair stand, so I’m not sure what the problem is. If you click the picture, you can see how it’s messing with the paint on the bottom of the gearcase.


Anyhow, now that she was looking all spiffy, I threw my Kindle in the Carradice and rode down by the river to read for a while.

Eastman Roadster

I’m still having problems with the seat post slipping. I cut a shim from a soda can and stuck it in around the seatpost. The post is supposed to be 1″ (25.4mm) I measured it, and the seatpost is the right size, so that must mean the seat tube it too big. I even measured the shim I made (0.1mm). I may have to try a 25.6mm post, if I can find one in my pile-o’-bike-junk.

At any rate, it’s a fun bike to ride. People look at me funny, and then smile when I come rolling by.

3 thoughts on “More Roadster Updates

  1. That bike really shows a lot of character – I love it. I wonder if the crank strike is due to spreading the chainstays, which pushed the chaincase out a tad? Also, would putting an extra clamp on the seatpost, above the frame, help it from slipping down?
    Any further thoughts on the front brake?

  2. I think I have the gearcase problem under control now, I just bent it a teeny bit, and the pedal rubbing issue seems to have gone away.

    I put an extra shim in the seatpost and I think it stopped slipping, or at least the slipping slowed down a bit. I rode it 10 miles yesterday and didn’t notice too much slippage. I’ll probably order a 25.6mm seatpost the next time I order some stuff, and maybe try to take off .05mm with sandpaper or something if it’s too big.

    I’m planning on using the Sturmey Archer XL-FDD hub up front. Everywhere I look shows them as out of stock right now, but hopefully they’ll be back in stock by the time I have the money saved up to buy one.

    I also see that someone in North Carolina is now importing the 24″ Flying Pigeons (with the cool twin top tubes). Kinda wish I had waited now 🙁

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