If it were Harrisburg


This is how big the BP oil disaster is. There’s a website where you can move the oil spill over a map of your city to give you a better sense of scale.

If the BP clusterfuck happened in Harrisburg

I own a car. This is my fault.

3 thoughts on “If it were Harrisburg

  1. Interesting. I live next to Lake Superior, the world’s largest fresh water lake. It put the spill over it, and it pretty much covers the entire lake. Scary.

    I don’t own a car. But everything I buy and consume is made with, and transported by, fossil fuel. This is my fault.

  2. I bought a ticket on the Titanic. Someone else decided to cheap out on the lifeboats and didn’t tell me. Then the captain ran us into an iceberg when he should have known better, and now I’m floundering in freezing water. I’ll probably die soon and it’s all my fault.

  3. Scott Loveless…I guess I don’t understand your analogy. Everything I do causes more demand for oil. While nothing I do causes demand for luxury ocean liners with inadequate life boats. ????

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