Monkey Love


My Karate Monkey had been hanging on its hook in the garage since last fall some time. I was almost ready to sell it, since it wasn’t getting ridden.

I’ve ridden it a few times in the past 2 weeks just for something different. I had forgotten how much fun it is to take it to the woods and run over rocks and stuff.

I think I’m keeping it.

Karate Monkey in its natural habitat

I took it up to Stony Creek today, and made a foolhardy attempt to climb Stagecoach road (steep!). I abandoned the attempt after about 100 yards, when I thought I was having a stroke.

Here I am all red-faced and sweaty after the attempt.

Me and my Monkey

I’m thinking of getting one of Shimano’s new-fangled CS-HG61 cassettes for it. It’s unlikely that having 2 more teeth on the low gear would make that much of a difference, but it probably wouldn’t hurt, either.

Anyone know if this thing would work with a Phil Hub and a plain-old Deore dérailleur? I have a 34-tooth 30-tooth low gear now, and don’t have any problems with it.

Anyhow, 17 miles for the day, and I like my Monkey again.

4 thoughts on “Monkey Love

  1. I think your Deore derailer will work, but you’ll have to massage the b-tension screw a bit. Either back it out as far as possible or run it all the way in. I forget which. Either way, Shimano’s claims that you have to buy a new derailer to use their new cassette is pure bullshit. If you get one and can’t get the Deore to work, I have a few long cage derailers in the parts bin you can try.

  2. I’m thinking I’ll put the 36 tooth cassette on the monkey, and move the monkey’s 34 tooth cassette to the Trek. It seems like the hills get steeper every year.

  3. The Karate Monkey is an awesome bike. No idea about the cassette. I do know that I could use some lower gears on my 29er, too, so I’ll be curious to see how this works out for you. Actually I think I only have 32 teeth now so 34 might give me enough, without having to worry about compatibility. Hmm.

  4. TMack

    That is a seriously steep climb, I thought about attempting that a couple weeks ago – but then I remembered it’s the thought that counts. I’ve been considering purchasing a Karate Monkey – lmk if you ever change your mind.

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