New Year Resolution Update #2


I said I was going to blog about my progress with my new year’s resolutions. Not that any of my readers give a rat’s ass about my resolutions, but because I’m hoping that being “publicly accountable” for them might give me more encouragement to keep them.

We’re three weeks in to 2011. I’ve lost 13 pounds, and ridden 25 miles for the year. Bicycling continues to be seriously curtailed by crappy weather. We get a few inches of snow every other day, and then it melts / refreezes, etc. It was 7°F (-14°C) outside this morning. They’re calling for a blizzard this week.

I know all you jokers in Minnesota ride at absolute zero and drink liquid nitrogen from your water bottles, and I’m a big sissy for staying inside. Sweet Jesus, even Dottie’s out in sub zero weather. How embarrassing.

In other news, I’m pretty pleased with how the whole Primal / Paleo thing is going. We’re only 6% through the year, and I’ve already lost 25% of the weight I set out to. Maybe I should have aimed higher.

I just finished reading Why We Get Fat. I’m no scientist, but what it says makes sense to me.

Anyhow, enough rambling about shit nobody but me cares about.

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