New Goal: Metric Century


So, I was talking to the Sloth the other day. Over a beer or two, we decided to try for a metric century sometime this fall. For those of you not conversant in bicycle lingo, a metric century is a 100 kilometer ride. This works about to about 62 miles.

We’re thinking of doing the route of the Covered Bridges Metric Century, but on a different day, so we can do it in our own lethargic self-supported way. We need to cover the 62 miles in 24 hours for it to count as a single ride, and it may well take us the whole 24 hours with all the dicking around we typically do.

I think the longest ride I’ve ever done was about 50 miles, so this will put me into uncharted territory, and might even make it seem like I accomplished something worthwhile this year.

I guess I better start upping my miles in the interests of getting in shape.

In other news, I’m down about 29 pounds for the year on the half-assed caveman diet, but I’m hoping some productive bathroom time will make it an even 30.

5 thoughts on “New Goal: Metric Century

  1. George

    I changed from 3rd to 1rst shift in March and so far, I’ve dropped 35 pounds without a profound effort on my part.

    62 miles is no biggie on my bicycle….of course, I have 43cc 2 stroke motor mounted over my rear tire assisting me and I carry enough fuel to go about 125 miles without stopping….

  2. If I can do 62, you and any other sucker with 2 legs can as well. All it requires is copious SwissCakeRolls at every stop, although I’m not those aren’t going to jibe with the caveman action.

  3. Also keep in mind that you’re carrying around 29 less pounds. A metric should be quite do-able for you. Let me know what you guys plan if you want to skew the median age stats upward.

  4. We’re still trying to lock down a date. I’m thinking / guessing Octoberish?

    Hopefully by then I’ll be carrying around even less weight! We rode 17 miles yesterday outside Mechanicsburg, and I didn’t have to walk any hills, or use the granny ring on the crank!


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