Carlisle’s New Bike Lanes


I was in Carlisle today, and I got to see the new bike lanes!

Carlisle Bike Lane

There’s some signage around, too.

Carlisle Singage

Two people rode by while I was out snapping the pictures, so it looks like they’re being used. They’re a bit more narrow than I was expecting. It is not possible to stay out of the door zone while riding in the bike lane. The street is definitely more bike-friendly than when it was a 4 lane highway, but I still think I’d try to find a quieter parallel street to ride on.

I counted three bikes at Farmers on the Square. All had racks and were getting loaded up with fresh veggies and whatnot.

I think the revolution has finally begun.

3 thoughts on “Carlisle’s New Bike Lanes

  1. Scott

    This is probably the stupidest thing I have ever seen done…Traffic in Carlisle is horrendous to begin with, so yeah, let’s make it even worse by having only ONE lane for cars in either direction so the hippie bikers can ride on the stupid street now… What was the city council thinking? Someone must have been tripping on shrooms or something…

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