Overlap in the Fleet


I did a little research on frame geometry, and the numbers show that two of my bikes are pretty darn similar. My 1987 Trek 520 and my 2010 Surly Cross-Check stack up like this:

Trek 64.7 72.7 72 58.9 45.5 5.2 6.5 108.1
CC 64.5 72 72 61.0 42.5 4.4 6.6 105.5

The cross-check has shorter chainstays, and a longer top tube. The Cross-check also takes monster truck tires, while the Trek tops out around 38mm. I’m thinking a drivetrain switcheroo might be in order. The CC could easily be my primary bike, but it isn’t because the Sturmey Archer gearing is a little too high for most of the hills around here.

With a wide gear range, and suitable tires, the CC might be the better bike for 99% of all the riding I do, and the Karate Monkey would probably be better for the other 1%.

Not sure what I’d do with my beloved Trek, then.

Decisions, Decisions.

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