30daysofbiking: Day 1


I’m doing #30daysofbiking this year. If you don’t know what that is, it just means you ride your bike every single day in April, even if it’s just to go around the block.

I took my newly-derailered Cross-Check out for 14 miles today.

I stopped off at the park for some helmet-haired self-portraiture.

Helmet Hair

Yes, I still need to wrap the bars.

4 thoughts on “30daysofbiking: Day 1

  1. I’ve got to do this. We’ve been so busy and yesterday I got out for a short errand and was huffing and puffing.
    What gear range are you running? Have you decided to set the CC up as your commuter/tourer?

  2. I just swapped out the whole drive train from the Trek, so it’s a 48-38-26 up front with the crazy 11-36 cog out back.

    So yeah, I’m treating it as my main do-everything bike right now. I haven’t done any super long rides on it yet so the jury’s still out on how it’ll work on all-day adventures.

  3. I’m running 22×34 as my lowest and I’m surprised how much I use it when I’m carrying gear.
    I dunno….there might be a Trucker in your future…

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