30days of biking – days 7 and 8



Day 7 was a bust. I hopped on the bike and rode down the road for a few seconds, just to be able to say I rode.

Day 8 was a little better. I got in 14 miles on the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail between family Easter dinners and whatnot.

So far, I have 66 miles in for the Month, which is pretty darn good by my standards. If I can keep this up, this will be my highest mileage month ever (or at least since I started tracking my miles twoish years ago.)

My legs are starting to feel it, though. I’ve been on a bike every day for the past 11 days, and I have that dull, throbby, achey feeling in them. If it weren’t for the whole 30daysofbiking challenge, I’d definitely like to take a recovery day. But, there’s no glory in that, so I’ll keep pressing on.

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