2012 in review, New Year Resolutions, etc.


So, I made some new year’s resolutions last year.

How did I do?

Resolution Outcome
Lose 70 pounds Fail
Ride 1000 miles Success!
Ride a Metric Century Fail


Lard Ass Log

I am starting 2013 14.2 pounds lighter than I started 2012. That’s progress, I suppose, but not much.

I logged 1054.29 miles in 2012:


  • Cycling: 1004.22
  • Hiking: 11.67
  • Kayaking: 38.4

Mileage Report

I almost didn’t make it to 1000 miles for the year. I hardly rode at all this summer. It was hotter than blue blazes, and I was putting in a lot of hours at work. Nevertheless, I rallied in December, and put in 229 miles; my second highest-mileage month ever. The Sloth and I put in a gruelling 26-miler on New Year’s eve to push me over the 1000 mile mark.

Metric Century:

I didn’t do any long rides. At all. In fact, yesterday’s 26-miler was my longest ride all year.

2013 Resolutions

Yes, resolutions are bullshit. I’m making some anyhow.


  • Minimun of 1500 miles.
  • No single month with less than 100 miles.


  • Loose at least 52 pounds
  • One pound per week shouldn’t be that hard.
  • As a motivational aid, I concocted a visualization of the ultimate objective. It may take more than 52 pounds to get here, but this would be a nice end-result.

Metric Century

62 miles. I know of people in not-much-better shape than me who do these regularly. I just need to get off my arse and do it.

That’s it. 3 resolutions. Lose 52 pounds, ride 1500 miles, and do a metric.

Happy New Year to anyone who still reads this blog.

2 thoughts on “2012 in review, New Year Resolutions, etc.

  1. Jim

    Hi there and Happy New Year. There is at least one person still reading your blog. I stumbled upon your blog in the spring of 2012 and have enjoyed reading it since then. Good luck on the resolutions.
    -from another guy in Central PA who likes to ride bikes.

  2. Lincoln

    15 lbs loss over the course of a year is very good. If you can keep that up, it’s healthier than trying to drop, say, 50 lbs in a year. I’ve dropped 25 lbs in 6 months or less several times, twice on purpose, and it’s really hard not to put it back on. (Especially when the loss was a medication side effect.) Slow is better, as long as its consistent.

    You can also get pretty ripped in 6 months, but again, it’s hard to keep it up. Hardly an “end-result”.

    If you want to look like that guy, better get a hand cranked bike and a sunburn. That is not what cyclists look like, even the very best ones. Or, at least, not road cyclists. All that weight up top would just be ballast when hill climbing.

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