Necronneuring (Metric Century Training – Week 3)


I tried to follow my metric century training plan last week.

Here’s how I made out:

What I should have done 8 14 17 off 14 42 14 108 Miles
What I did off 14 off 18 14 off 43 76 Miles

I came up a little short on the weekly total, but I got the long ride in, so I’m calling it a successful week.

This week’s long ride was another Necronneuring™ adventure. I found another old cemetery in the Google maps satellite view that wasn’t on the map, so I rode out to investigate. Sloth came along on this one.

It was a dark and gloomy day. Perfect for a spooky bike ride.

A dark and gloomy day.

Sloth knew a shortcut through the woods to avoid a particularly shitty intersection.


After a great deal of dick-monkeying around, we got to the entrance to the cemetery. Unfortunately, the road was gated, and posted with “No Trespassing” signs.

No Trespassing

A caretaker showed up out of nowhere and opened the gate for us. It was kind of strange. This gate is in the woods, out of sight from anywhere. I’m assuming he was real, and this isn’t some Scooby-Doo ghost story thing, because Sloth saw him too.

Anyways, we made our way up to the grave yard and looked around.

Bikes in the Graveyard

After a few minutes of walking around in wet grass, and breathing in the unwholesome vapours of the graveyard, we rode back down the mountain. Sloth brewed up some coffee to keep our spirits up.

Esbit coffee

After coffee time, we rode back across the river to the land of the living.

I had some minor mechanical malfunctions on this ride. I lost a fender mount, and seem to have picked up a few ticks, squeeks, and moans in the Cross Check. I have about 1600 miles on her since her last tune-up, so I guess it’s time to get the wrenches out and give her the once-over.

These rides are getting longer, and I really don’t want to have a total breakdown 30 miles from home.

[osm_map lat=”40.298″ long=”-76.896″ zoom=”12″ width=”600″ height=”450″ type=”Ext” gpx_file=”” extmap_address=”${z}/${x}/${y}.png” extmap_init=”numZoomLevels: 17, transitionEffect: ‘resize’, sphericalMercator: true” extmap_type=”OSM” extmap_name=”Outdoor”]

2 thoughts on “Necronneuring (Metric Century Training – Week 3)

  1. Good job on the mileage. I did a “Fields of Stone” tour in 2008 where I rode out to old graveyards and photographed them. I talked to a few neighbors, but I never met any mysterious caretakers waiting for me at the gates…

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