I was on vacation for the last several days, so I didn’t get a lot of riding in. I did get to spend some time dicking around with bike parts, though.

One of the strange noises coming from the Cross-Check turned out to be a very loose spoke. I tried to true the wheel up, but wasn’t having much luck.


Turns out the rim was shot.


So, I took the wheel off the Karate Monkey and put it on the Cross-Check. This is a no bullshit, 48-spoke, Phil Wood, Zombie Apocalypse wheel. The Cross-Check gets more miles than any of my other bikes, and it deserves to wear the bling.


That took care of the Cross-Check, but now I had a mountain bike with no rear wheel. I could either build my old road hub into a new wheel, or buy a new mountain wheel.

I decided to go with a new wheel, but it felt stupid to not upgrade to disc brakes while doing it, so – discs on the rear end of the Monkey.


In the interests of symmetry, I put discs on the front, too.

In Summary:

  • Cross-Check now has a zombie apocalypse proof wheel.
  • Karate Monkey now has disc brakes.
  • Bike budget is blown for the foreseeable future
  • I have an Ultegra hub in the garage who wants a bike built around it. Having extra bicycle parts lying around your garage is a dangerous business.

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  1. doc

    I’d recommend we form a support group, but I think we’d probably end up holding our meetings at a bike shop…and no good would come from that.

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