It’s July Again, Only Different.


Last July, I announced that I was going to do the #bccjuly500 challenge. I subsequently sat on my butt all summer, and didn’t ride at all.

This year, things are going to be different.

We are halfway through the month, and I have already racked up 245 miles. I will get to 500, come hell or high water. This will be my highest mileage month ever.

Two days ago, I crossed the 1,000 mile mark for the year. 2013 is already my highest mileage year ever, and the year is barely half way over.

I am still putzing around with the Gigantor bike. It has a part or two replaced intermittently as time and funding allows. I was able to ride it around the block and down to the park a few days ago. I expect it will be ready for proper rides by the end of the month.


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