Wista Woo: 2005-2014


Long-time readers of my blog will remember that I adopted a kitty about nine years ago. She was a pain in the ass, but we loved her anyway. I found her company far more agreeable than that of four fifths of the humans I have ever met.

She started acting very odd around Christmas time. I’ll spare you the details, but after several trips to multiple veterinarians, it became clear that she had a painful condition for which there was no available treatment, and that we should “put her to sleep.”

So, that’s what we did.

It’s a rather more emotional business than I was expecting.

One thought on “Wista Woo: 2005-2014

  1. That sucks. I’m sorry.
    My ancient cat “Fuzzy” came to my family in 1999. She’s now living with my daughter, and still healthy.
    “Candy” my dumb but loving Yellow Lab is now 12 years old, but is suffering with arthritis.

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