#fitby50: Week 0 – Damage Report


Objectives for week 0: Due Oct 23th!

In the interests of worrying about things that don’t matter, for the purposes of this project, the week begins on Monday, and ends on Sunday. Weekly status blog posts are due by EOD every Monday. This week’s objectives are to asses the situation, make sure my home gym equipment is all operational and still where I left it.

  1. Order a trainer tire for bike ✅
  2. Make sure trainer works / update firmware
  3. begin logging food in mfp – get a baseline for the junk I’m eating
  4. restart Zwift subscription?
  5. Think about meal planning / shopping / read cookbooks
    1. Are we doing paleo / atkins / keto again? wtf are we doing?
  6. weigh in, get a baseline of where we’re at

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