#fitby50 Week 1/104


Last week’s goals:

  1. Order a trainer tire for bike  – done
  2. begin logging food in mfp – get a baseline for the junk I’m eating
    • Logged for past 5 days without trying to change my behavior. Turns out, if left to my own devices, I overconsume by an average of about 200 cals /day. Not actually as bad as I feared
  3. Think about meal planning / shopping / read cookbooks
    1. Are we doing paleo / atkins / keto again? wtf are we doing?
      • Probably just going to try to stay under my calorie target. Eating lots of carbs makes that difficult, so I will try to increase consumption of non-starchy vegetables. I’m not entirely convinced of the science behind a lot of the claims made by proponents of these diets. I’m leaning in that direction of lowish carb, but not being doctrinaire about it.
  4. weigh in, get a baseline of where we’re at
    • Done. I have some work to do.

This week’s goals:

  • Continue food tracking – stay under calorie target for the week
    • is the premium mfp subscription worth the money?
  • lift 3x this week
  • ride at least 60 mins this week
  • weigh in at least once
  • try to ease into things and not beat the crap out of myself
  • try to avoid planning / prep failures that lead to grabbing fast food / junk food out of convenience.

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