Pagan Elder Gods

Klinutus (Klinutus, rah rah rah) has suggested that perhaps the reason I fell from grace so suddenly after almost 2 weeks of relatively easy progress is because I had fallen victim to the shenanigans of Loki.

After careful consideration, I am inclined to agree. There can be no doubt that my smoking is the result of the mischief of pagan elder gods.

Therefore, on Monday, I shall don a fresh 21mg patch, after having made burnt offering to Thor

I think most of those 12-step type programs have a step about turning your life over to god or whatever, and Thor seems like a pretty cool god to me. Plus, he carries a big hammer, which he uses to beat the snot out of bad guys (like Loki). He also rides around in a chariot pulled by two goats.

Goats are cool. Hammers are cool.

Thor and I are quitting smoking.

Thor's Hammer

Morning Trainer Session

Got the bike back from the shop, and finally got on it.Elapsed Time: 0:55:14
Max Speed: 29.6mph
Average Speed: 15.0mph
Distance: 13.89 milesIt seems my limiting factor is no longer my aerobic endurance, but my ability to tolerate my uncomfortable saddle for longer than an hour. I think I may be in the market for another saddle.

Bone Falls off the wagon

After a particularly bad day at work on Friday, I broke down and bought a pack. Since I was attending a wedding this weekend, I used it as an excuse to stay off the wagon all weekend. I will attempt to get back on the wagon Monday.I am resetting hour and week counters… Starting over from ground zero.


If you are reading this log because you are going to quit smoking:

Throw away all your cigarettes before you start!!!

I found a pack with a cig in it in a drawer today, and I smoked it. I had no desire to smoke before I found it, but once I knew it was there, I just had to smoke it.

Keeping ’emergency’ smokes will cause cravings you wouldn’t otherwise have had.

On the plus side, now that my sense of taste and smell have returned, I found the thing to be pretty disgusting. Hopefully, I’ll remember that nastiness if I’m tempted again.

So, now the counter resets from 204 hours without a smoke to 0.

I don’t think it’s necessary to reset the week counter at this point. I am still in week 2 of 6 on the 21mg patch, and I will still step-down to 14mg at week 7 (Sept 13th), as per the directions.

I pass the test…

I will diminish, and go into the west, and remain Bonius.

I went out to the bar with my friends last night, and I did not smoke. Yeehaw!In other news, my bike is in the shop for major repairs, so no new biking entries till wednesday, at least.