Bone Quits Smoking (again): Day 4

No bike ride this morning (overslept).
My sense of smell is coming back. Walked through a cloud of smokers at the door at work and was almost bowled over by how strong the smell was.

So far, 73 hours without a smoke. This attempt seems easier than previous ones… not really sure why.

Update 3:00PM

Needed a 2mg piece of gum

Bone Quits Smoking (again): Day 3

According to the literature that comes with the patches, you might have ‘vivid dreams’ if you sleep with them on.

What the packaging should say:
‘You will have the most horrific, god-awful, fucked-up nightmares from hell, be visited by the undead, and wake up remembering it as if it actually happened.’

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm ‘fuck you’ to Phillip Morris, from all your friends here at

Update 3:48PM:

Needed attional 2mg (gum) to fight particularly strong withdrawl symptoms

Bone Quits Smoking (again): Day 2

24 hours without a smoke! Yeehaw!
No bike ride this morning, I’m pretty dizzy from the patches.
Woke up coughing up all manner of nasty funk. According to the literature that comes with the patches, this is expected behaviour. It is tar deposits coming out of my lungs.

What the Hell is this?

I am keeping track of my bike rides and my efforts to quit smoking. I have no idea why anyone other than me would be interested in this, but then again, you’re reading this, aren’t you?What’s the connection between biking and smoking? Well, at the moment, I am an out-of-shape chain-smoker. In a short while I am going to ride my bicycle 100 miles.I don’t think I can do that and still be considered out-of-shape, and I don’t think I can do that as a chain smoker. So, 100 miles is the goal. This web page will serve as documentation of my progress toward that goal.