Blues Improv in F

A little improvisational solo over the 12 bar blues in F

I record some of my practice sessions because it’s really hard to critique my own playing while I’m playing. In this clip, I’m trying to use the F minor pentatonic scale to spontaneously compose a melody. In the second chorus, I am trying to adapt the head to “Eastern Standard Time” by Don Drummond before returning to minor penatonic noodling.

Sound Check

St. James Infirmary multi tracked in Acapella

I went out and got myself a proper microphone to record my trombone stuff. The above piece is recorded on an Audio Technica AT2020 Microphone routed through an interface to an iPad running the Acapella app for multi-tracked videos. The backing track is from iReal Pro.

This setup does seem to produce a better sound that just using the mic in my phone, which is what I had been doing.

Hello Blog People


It is time for my annual post where I say I’m going to start keeping up the blog again. I almost certainly won’t, but maybe I will. Probably not about bikes. Not just about bikes in any case. How much can you say about bike rides?

I’ve been practicing my trombone during the weird Coronavirus times. Maybe a trombone blog would be fun to write.

I’ve been taking trombone lessons and I’m learning about chords and music theory and arpeggios and stuff. Here is some trombone music and a picture of me trying to look like some sort of serious jazz dude or whatever.

Tooting my horn