Hello Blog People


It is time for my annual post where I say I’m going to start keeping up the blog again. I almost certainly won’t, but maybe I will. Probably not about bikes. Not just about bikes in any case. How much can you say about bike rides?

I’ve been practicing my trombone during the weird Coronavirus times. Maybe a trombone blog would be fun to write.

I’ve been taking trombone lessons and I’m learning about chords and music theory and arpeggios and stuff. Here is some trombone music and a picture of me trying to look like some sort of serious jazz dude or whatever.

Tooting my horn

Corona Check In


Hello blog people.

I’m still here. I’ve been riding bikes and trying to learn how to play the blues on my trombone. I would tell you that I’m going to start putting stuff on the blog more regularly, but we both know that would probably be a lie.


Bald Eagle State Forest