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Stony Creek Mud Bath

Just as I was leaving the office today, the sky opened up and poured rain. I drove to Stony Creek anyhow. By the time I got to the trailhead, the rain was just a trickle, and the trail was nice and sloppy.

Karate Monkey in the woods

I have gotten so used to bikes with fenders, I forgot how nasty things get without them.

I also forgot to bring bike shoes, so I just rode in my “fancy office shoes.” They ended up a lot less fancy.

Dirty Shoe

I decided that I was already a mess, so I tried to hit every puddle I came to.

Muddy Parts

I had a blast. The Monkey is very a fun bike. Bouncing over rocks and roots and splashing mud all over the place is awesome.

That's me!

Today: 12 miles (wild-ass guess)
June: 61 miles
2007: 551.5 miles

Kung-Fu Primate

I went down to the LBS with the Diamondback and a bag-o-parts. We configured the fit cycle with the geometry of a 22″ Karate Monkey. It looks like it’ll fit just fine.We called QBP and they have some 22″ frames in stock in that lovely blue.

The build list is still in flux at the moment, but she will probably be wearing these hand-me-downs:

  • Nitto mustache bars
  • Deore v-brakes
  • Dia-compe 287v brake levers
  • Dura Ace 9-speed barcons
  • Insane-o 48-spoke phil hub/w 8 speed cassette in the rear
  • nashbar bear trap pedals

Tires, deraileurs, headset, cranks, and bottom brackets are yet to be determined…

Once I make up my mind, we’re calling in the order, and I might have a monkey by sometime next week!


Lemond Sold!

Somebody bought my Lemond! w00t!

I think I can probably get a KM frame and wheelset with the proceeds. I can transfer some parts from the Diamondback, but at a minimum, I’ll still need dérailleurs, a headset, a threadless stem, and a pair of big-honking, mud-bogging, monster-truck tires.

Karate Monkey Frame
MMMmmm.. Hüsker Blü

That will leave me with 2 bikes, which I think is the perfect number. I’ll have the Trek for sufaces ranging from glass-smooth pavement to moderate fire trails, and the KM for everything from moderate fire trails to lunar regolith.

And that should just about cover it.

Today: 5 miles
May: 37 miles
2007: 326 miles