More Happy LVRT News!


Last night, North Cornwall Township approved a plan to build a trail system that will link the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail to a few neighborhoods, some parks, and a commercial area.

There’s a big PDF map of the proposal.

The map is a little hard to read, but it looks like the some of the trail system will be on-road. There might be more details in the meeting minutes, but they are not yet posted on the township website.

If you look closely at the map near Cornwall Center, it shows a dashed yellow line branching off the LVRT to the southeast and dissapearing off the edge of the map.

Dashed yellow means proposed LVRT extension.

Interesting. I wonder how far it goes?

LVRT update


The other day, I saw on Doc’s blog that the LVRT finally got completed to Lebanon.

So yesterday, I went out to scope the new trail. I parked at the trailhead in Cornwall and rode to the point where the trail used to end, but it didn’t end. It went over the fancy new bridge, and it’s paved(!!!) all the way to 8th st.

Just before the bridge, there’s a new spur trail (also paved) that takes you to South Hills Park.

South Lebanon Township Trail


On the way back, I rode out to the park. It’s a nice park. I found a lovely bench in the shade and sat down to space out and relax for a while.

The trail is eventually going to go to the High School / Middle School, but you can pretty much ride there through the park now.

I gps logged the new parts of the trail, and you can now see the new hotness on OpenStreetMap.

View Larger Map

In other news, the new Rail Trail in Lewisburg is coming along nicely, despite grumblings from local yahoos.