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Kayaking: Pine Creek Gorge

My co-conspirators and I skipped work on Monday to kayak the Pine Creek gorge.

Pine Creek Sign

It was perhaps a bit early in the season. There was still snow on the ground in a few places, and the water was damn cold.

Snow along the creek

About 15 minutes into the trip, we saw the first Bald Eagle of the day.

Bald Eagle

Recent rain and snowmelt made some nice waterfalls along the way.

Klinutor Under the Waterfall


The scenery in the canyon is always awesome.

Me and a waterfall

It was a very nice trip. We covered about 22 miles of the creek with only minor incidents of unintentional swimming.

There are more pictures in the Gallery, but pictures don’t do the place proper justice.

If you’ve never been to Pine Creek, you really should go. If you don’t have a boat or a wetsuit or whatever, the people at Pine Creek Outfitters can hook you up. They are nice people, and they have a very friendly dog.