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#30daysofbiking – Day 6

For today’s installment of #30daysofbiking, I met up with Klinutus, my Evil Sister, and Der Struwwelpeter. We started and ended today’s adventure at Ard’s Farm, because they have enormous cheeseburgers, and this ride would be ending near lunch time. Ard’s built a little connector trail between their parking lot and the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail, so easy access for bicyclers.

Helpful signs ensure that you can find your way to the cheeseburgers.

Struwwelpeter Dance

I had the trail-a-bike, so I towed Der Struwwelpeter down the trail to Mifflinburg,

Towing Der StruwwelpeterHeading to Mifflinburg

Once we made it to Mifflinburg, we stopped to catch our breaths, and observe the Amish people.

Amish Buggy

Then, it was back to Ard’s for lunch. A total of 8.6 miles for the day.

9 miles

Baby Seat

It’s been a while since I’ve been on my bike. This weekend, I managed to get a ride in with Klinutus and Klinutor. I wanted to cruise around Milton and get some GPS logs for the map.

Klinutus had parental duties to attend to, so he bolted a child seat on his Bridgestone, and we were off.

Klinutus Jr. is ready to roll

No ride through Milton is complete without a picture of the Chef Boy-Ar-Dee factory. A long time ago, I had a job looking after the Chef Boy-Ar-Dee corporate network servers.

I used to get a discount on Beef-a-roni and everything. Ah, happy days…

The Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Factory in Milton

Anyways, all the excitement was too much for Klinutus Jr. He fell asleep before we made it back.

Klinutus Jr. sleeps

Saturday: 10 miles
July: 64 miles
2007: 673 miles

Klinutus 2.0

I just got official word from Klinutus that Klinutus 2.0 has broken free from his moorings and escaped into the night!

Born: May 12, 2005
Birth time: 9:18 pm
Weight: 9lbs. 0oz.
Length: 20.5 inches
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Klinutus
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Fighter-Mage
Hitpoints: 15/25
Mana: 27/40


Klinutus, Klinutus, Rah! Rah! Rah!