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LVRT update

The other day, I saw on Doc’s blog that the LVRT finally got completed to Lebanon.

So yesterday, I went out to scope the new trail. I parked at the trailhead in Cornwall and rode to the point where the trail used to end, but it didn’t end. It went over the fancy new bridge, and it’s paved(!!!) all the way to 8th st.

Just before the bridge, there’s a new spur trail (also paved) that takes you to South Hills Park.

South Lebanon Township Trail


On the way back, I rode out to the park. It’s a nice park. I found a lovely bench in the shade and sat down to space out and relax for a while.

The trail is eventually going to go to the High School / Middle School, but you can pretty much ride there through the park now.

I gps logged the new parts of the trail, and you can now see the new hotness on OpenStreetMap.

View Larger Map

In other news, the new Rail Trail in Lewisburg is coming along nicely, despite grumblings from local yahoos.

Walden Pond in OSM

After reading Walden the other day, it occurred to me that Walden Pond might not be in OpenStreetMap.

I found it in the Yahoo! aerial imagery and traced it in.

Hiking: Rocky Knob Trail

This morning, I donned my spiffiest hiking hat, and began my effort to hike all 798 miles of the State Forest Hiking Trails System.

I hiked the Rocky Knob Trail in the Michaux State Forest.

Me at the Trailhead

The trail is a fairly easy 4 mile loop. There’s only one real climb, and you are rewarded for your labor with a nice view.

If you look carefully, you will notice that the leaves are falling here in Pennsylvania.


I took my GPS along, and now the Rocky Knob Trail is in OpenStreetMap.

OpenStreetMap of Rocky Knob Trail

4 miles down, 794 left to go before I get my ceremonial walking stick.

LVRT Extension Map

So, I did a little digging in the TIGER data and the Yahoo Satellite images, and I was able to figure out where the proposed extension to the LVRT will be.

You can see it as a dashed blue line heading north out of Lebanon. In reality, it would get much closer to the eastern end of the SCRT, but I lost the railway in the satellite imagery after it crosses interstate 81.

In any event, it will be awesome to be able to ride all the way from Elizabethtown to the mountains without having to worry about traffic!

LVRT Northern Extension

Click the map for an interactive version.

OpenCycleMap Rules the World!

If you haven’t been paying attention, the OpenCycleMap now officially kicks ass!

Andy and his evil henchmen have added elevation shading, contours, and even corporate sponsorship from Cloudmade!

Of local interest, you can now see:

  1. the proposed York- Hanover Trolley Trail (map),
  2. the proposed Lykens Valley Rail Trail (pdf) (map),
  3. part of the proposed Lower Allen Township Trail System (map)

Watch out, Bikely! OSM is coming for you!

More Coming soon

I Hate Dogs

I went for a little cruise around Marysville this evening, gathering GPS tracks for OpenStreetMap. I rolled up to a stop light, and no sooner had I put my foot down, when a viscous, evil, snarling hell-hound sprang from the bushes and made like he wanted to eat me.

I jumped off my bike the tried to keep it between me and the fell creature. We must have circled each other – dog-fight style – a dozen times before his owner came out to see what all the fuss was about.

She seemed to be of the opinion that by keeping my bike between us, I was instigating her mutt’s aggression. She even went to far as to grab my handlebars a few times to try to make me stop.

As soon as I saw an opportunity, I wrested my bike free, jumped back on, and fled with all haste.

Today: 5 miles
August: 70 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 224
2008 Total Miles: 426 miles


It has recently come to my attention that all the maps from the National Park Service are in the public domain.

That means the same techniques that work for out-of-copyright maps work here, too.

So, just in time for your 4th-of-July festivities, here is Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Center!

I’m also working on Valley Forge and the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Valley Forge National Historic Park

Gettysburg National Military Park

Let Freedom Ring!

AT – Whiskey Spring to Boiling Springs

Brandi and I got out for a bit of a hike yesterday afternoon. We did a section of the AT from Whiskey Springs Road to the town of Boiling Springs, PA.

I carried my GPS, so now you may follow along on the map.

Spring and fall are the best times for hiking, because the weather affords one the opportunity to sport stylish hats.

Sexy Hiker Hat

The last mile or so before Boiling Springs is across farmer’s fields, which kind of sucks. There were no trees here to break up the wind, and I nearly lost my sexy hat a few times.


There are about 230 miles of the AT in Pennsylvania, and I have about 180 left to do.