Pagan Elder Gods


Klinutus (Klinutus, rah rah rah) has suggested that perhaps the reason I fell from grace so suddenly after almost 2 weeks of relatively easy progress is because I had fallen victim to the shenanigans of Loki.

After careful consideration, I am inclined to agree. There can be no doubt that my smoking is the result of the mischief of pagan elder gods.

Therefore, on Monday, I shall don a fresh 21mg patch, after having made burnt offering to Thor

I think most of those 12-step type programs have a step about turning your life over to god or whatever, and Thor seems like a pretty cool god to me. Plus, he carries a big hammer, which he uses to beat the snot out of bad guys (like Loki). He also rides around in a chariot pulled by two goats.

Goats are cool. Hammers are cool.

Thor and I are quitting smoking.

Thor's Hammer