Chinese Food is No Good


have been doing pretty well on the smoking front for the past few days. No major craving to speak of… Until tonight. I went out for Chinese food, and I got a monster-sized-lunatic-craving. I’m munching on a 2mg piece of gum right now.I wonder if there is some kind of relationship between MSG and nicotine.

Update 9:15 PM

After a little googling, there does appear to be a relationship. MSG breaks down into sodium and glutamic acid, which is a neurotransmitter involved (somehow?… I’m not a neuroscientist) in nicotine metabolism. There appears to be all sorts of research going on about exactly what the relationship is.

On the other hand, vitamin-hippies are selling L-glutamine as a way to reduce all sorts of cravings.

In any event, I think I’m goin to try to avoid MSG for a while, and see what happens.