23 Weeks

The new Trek arrived from Ebay, but I haven’t had a chance to ride it yet. It came all torn apart, and I was unable to re-assemble it myself, so I took it to the bike store to let them do it for me.I rode 17.46 miles this week. I would have ridden more, but I’m having some lower back problems. I think I may have the saddle adjusted too high on the Lemond. I’m going to lower it before I ride again.Yesterday was the official 6 month anniversary of me starting to keep track of my bike rides and attempts to quit smoking. I declared my intentions and went for a 14 mile ride to Mechanicburg on July 30, 2004.“But 23 weeks isn’t 6 months!” you say. No, indeed not. The weekly update numbers are the number of weeks since I last had a cigarette, not since I first started blogging. The numbers don’t match up, because I had a few relapses with the smokes in the early days.

Jihad Update:

According to my calculations, I have commuted to work 11 times so far, and I have ridden 20.4 miles doing errands.

This means that I have saved 88+20.4=100.4 miles

100.4 / 28 = 3.59 gallons saved!
Take that, jackass!

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