And then, there were Two

I got my shiny new rear rack mounted this weekend. Sorry, no pictures yet.

This morning’s ride in was very nice. At 6:00, it was still dark out, but the moon was bright enough that I barely needed my headlight.

Just when I was all zoning out, feeling all zen about my moonlight ride and my oneness with nature, the horrid stench of a freshly dead skunk bitchslapped me out of my trance. In a car, you are somewhat insulated from the foul odors of the road, and even those that aren’t completely filtered out are quickly far enough behind you that it’s no big deal.

Not so on the bike. The faster you try to pedal away, the harder you breathe, and the deeper you inhale in the stink. Ugh.

In happier news, I was not the only bicycle commuter in the locker room this morning. One of my coworkers has decided to start riding in, too. He lives 2.5 miles away.

So, out of my office of 500 people. 2 of us are bicycling.

It’s a start.

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