Lemond For Sale (Again)

Been a bit busy this week. Yesterday, I purchased a lovely Kayak for less than half of retail price (huzzah!), so I’m very keen to get into the water when I get back from Wisconsin.This means that my fancy-pants road bike is offically for sale again. I mean it this time, I need to raise funds to buy a roof rack, paddles, and other kayaking accouterments.)

My Lemond

$750 or best offer. When I get back from Wisconsin, I’ll post pictures etc.

It’s a 61cm (the biggest size they make) and it’s a triple. It’s exactly like the official Lemond Web Site says, except I have SPD pedals on it, and I’m throwing in a Cateye Astrale 8 computer. No, you don’t get my Brooks or my Carradice.

It’s only got about 500 miles on it, and most of those were on the trainer, indoors. It’s a really nice bike, goes fast, etc, but I already have two other bikes, and this one ends up not getting ridden, so it has to go.