Kayaking Geeks

I’m back from Wisconsin. I was there to do an Active Directory design, and there is a possibility that I may have the opportunity to go back to help out with the implementation, which would be nice, because I kind of liked it there.I was working with the company’s network dude, and we got to shooting the shit, and I mentioned that I had just bought a kayak. Turns out, this dude is a hardcore kayaking freak, and invited me to join him for a quick paddle after work on the Wisconsin River. I further learned that this guy’s director (boss’s boss) likes to paddle, too. So, we all headed out together and paddled around on the river.
The Kayaks
Getting ready to launch

I was really digging things and thinking that this might be a nice place to settle down…. then they started talking about how not long ago, people were driving their pickup trucks across the lake ice to get to their ice-fishing shacks… I think that’s a little too cold for me.

Sunset over the Wisconsin River
Wisconsin looks an awful lot like Pennsylvania