Pennsylvania Bone and the Turtle of Doom


I spent the weekend in the woods again.

The woods are nice
I found a tent in my basement that I bought 10 years ago and never used. I used it this weekend. It’s the “3-person” version of TexSport tadpole. In order for this tent to comfortably accomodate 3 people, It would have to be a menage a trois of midgets…
My fortress of Solitude

It weighs a whopping 9 pounds, but it’s very comfy inside.
Lots of room

I fit in here pretty well.

I cooked over my Esbit stove for the first time. I was a little disappointed. It couldn’t quite seem to bring the water to a rolling boil. The food turned out good anyhow. I had Backpacker’s Pantry pad Thai, and it was pretty darn good. 4 Jihadis out of 5, I’d say.

4 Jihadis out of 5

Girtong had Mountain House Beef Stew, and he said it was good enough for 4 Jihadis also.

4 Jihadis out of 5

It started raining pretty hard this morning, so I broke camp and headed out.

As I was leaving the forest, I had a vision!

A prophet of the Turtle King appeared before me!

The Prophet

We spoke at some length, and suffice it to say, the mountain turtles have a different point of view than the lake turtles we met last week.

The search for turtular wisdom is not over yet…

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