Harrisburg Map Update


I have been dragging my GPS with me for the past few days, and I’m starting to get something recognizable (to me, at least).

Harrisburg Open Street Map
Click for the live map

This is what I’ve got into the database and rendered so far. The red lines are Interstate 81 and Route 581. Tonight, I’m taking the turnpike to school, and I’ll have the entire “capital beltway” mapped. (Interstate 83 is still waiting for CPU in the render farm.)
Rendering seems to lag several days behind database uploads, so it will be out of date for a while. I am hoping to complete the borough of Mechanicsburg before I lose interest in the project 🙂

I’m also thinking it would be nice to get the CAG in the database, because the current map is an out of date PDF file.

6 thoughts on “Harrisburg Map Update

  1. Kudos to you for working on the open street map project! It appears that there are very few people in the U.S. working on it right now (more of a Euro thing). Keep up the good work.

  2. In Europe, the copyright rules about maps are apparently stricter than they are here. There is some talk about doing bulk imports of map data from the U.S. Census into OSM. Either way, it’s fun to feel like an explorer and ride on new streets.

  3. You can see the dev map by going to the slippy map, dragging it to where you want to look at, then hit the + at the top right and choose “osmarender”. If you want to request a rerender of an area you can go to OJW’s browser page, zoom in to where you want to rerender, and once you zoom in close enough a “Request update” form button comes up at the bottom and you can get it rerendered. Alternatively you can pull the source from http://svn.openstreetmap.org/, get an account, and manually plug in the areas to render. There’s also a tool called osmarender which will render png’s for you from osm files, and another to generate a PDF atlas.

    I’ve been working on mapping Nova Scotia, and more specifically Halifax. It’s definitely quite addictive once you get into it!

  4. Thanks – that’s about 4 months’ worth of work, though! I’m starting to run out of areas to map on my way home, and I’m going back and looking for streets I’ve missed or areas to add suchs as schools or shopping malls. I’m now starting to go fairly significant distances out of my way just to map new streets! 🙂

    I can’t quite tell from the screenshot what you’re uisng to edit the data, but if you haven’t tried it already I strongly recommend taking a look at JOSM. It’s a Java app, so it’s cross platform, and it’s an awful lot quicker than the online app, and it’s not as buggy as osmeditor is (or at least, was when I tried it). It also supports plugins, so you can select areas to render to a map, which is pretty neat.

    The wiki is full of useful information, and the mailing list has lots of useful tips and information posted.

  5. I’ve been using mostly JOSM, and doing cleanup in the applet to match things up with the aerial imagery.
    I need to go back and do some cleanup on my earlier work from when I first started out. I have some overlapping ways, and some other weirdness to straighten out.

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