Running some numbers


Commute from Church (round trip) = 90 miles

Current commute (round trip): = 34 miles

New commute adds 56 miles/day. There are approximately 20 working days/month.

56×20 = 1120 miles/month extra.

My car gets approx 30mpg.

1120/30 = 37.333 gallons/month

Gas costs (say) $3.00/gallon

37.333 * 3 = $111.999 (increased commuting costs)

Current Rent: $725.00/month
Estimated Church payment: $350/month (estimated wild ass guess)

$725-$350 = $375 (rent savings)

Carbon credits to offset additional driving = $1.82 / month
Rent Savings: $375.00 / month
Gas Expense: -$112.00 / month
Carbon Cost: -$001.82 / month

Net difference: save $261.18 /month
Not being able to bike commute:   -500 bummer units
Lost time in the car:             -100 bummer units
Living in a church:              + 400 awesomeness units
Being close to home:             + 400 awesomeness units
800-600 = 200 awesomeness units

200 bucks and 200 awesomeness units!


4 thoughts on “Running some numbers

  1. BE VERY WARY!!!!! I had a few friends who lived for a long time in an old converted church. The thing a huge open area (as most churches do) and nearly no insulation. Their heating bill was totally over the top! Given your example, it would easily make that savings disappear. Of course, this could be avoided if you can heat with wood that you gather.

  2. Yeah, I thought about heating and cooling problems, too.
    I went up to snoop around it today without the realtor, and It’s not going to happen for other reasons. I’ll probably write a story about my misadventures in Appalachia tomorrow. Too tired tonight.

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