Spices are awesome. You can take a totally bland, boring bowl of runny snot, and make it into something tasty with a prudent selection of spices.

Evidently, some real estate developers are now taking this approach to their spruce up their fecal smörgåsbord.

Behold Ginger Fields, a shiny new housing development, just outside of Mechanicsburg.

Ginger Fields
Ginger Fields

Amazingly, those are the actual street names. Turmeric, Cardamom, Ginger, and Thyme.

I wonder what sort of blandness these people are trying to liven up with those spicy name… Let’s go see, shall we?

After a short ride, we arrive at the grand entrance. Note the lovely beige house.

Welcome to Hell
Welcome to Hell – Click for big

Surely, not every house in the development would sport so unimaginative a color pallet?

Just another bullshit development
Oh dear…

Well, let’s just see what’s around the corner…

Freak show
A sea of sameness

Wow! It’s a horror show! If it weren’t bad enough that every house is the same color, every house is the same BEIGE color.

Whatever. Slapping exotic-sounding labels on the streets of your brand-name, all-beige suburb does not make it exotic, unique or interesting. It’s just a sad, pathetic, attempt to polish this turd of a neighborhood.

Anyhow, after I had my fill of these banana-republic mass-produced bullshit people, I rode out into the remaining farmland, where I regained my composure.

I’m going to the woods tomorrow. I’m afraid I’ll loose my Buddha-nature if I stay in the suburbs for Earth Day.

Today: 20.5 miles
April: 49.5 miles
2007: 230.5 miles

6 thoughts on “Spice

  1. MJ – Yes. You were right. I think our old debates were about engineering versus artistry. These housing projects don’t have very much of either, but I now concede that good artistry is about as important and good engineering.

    Me – The upside is that because these houses are so poorly built, they will fall down without lots of maintenance. They are so ugly, nobody will love them enough to perform any maintenance. So, the upside is that in 30 years or so, we’ll have another chance to build something worthwhile on the site, or replant the corn.

  2. Ah, but did you map it for OpenStreetMap? 🙂

    One thing someone pointed out to me a long time ago is things are often advertised as what they aren’t, eg:

    “Healthy choice” = filled with chemicals
    “No MSG added” = ingredients already contain MSG
    “A greener way to drive” = vehicle still spews out pollutants from the tailpipe

    Seems like this is a great example of something bland being boasted as something it’s quite definitely not. I wonder if there will be a Wasabi Way, or Chilli Pepper Place?

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