Where to Live, Part 3


This is what happens if you are OCD about maps and bike commuting. The colored area is everything within 10 bicycle-miles of the house I’m scoping out tonight.

Possible places to work
Commutable Distance – click for big

Because I’m actually planning to buy a house this time round, I might very well end up living in it after I switch jobs. Therefore, the house has to be within 10 miles of my current employer AND within 10 miles of potential future employers.

I think the location of this house is good for that. I can ride to anywhere on the West Shore, and most of downtown

If needs be, I should be able to find work in the colored-in area.

I don’t know how people lived before there was desktop GIS.

3 thoughts on “Where to Live, Part 3

  1. It’s a program called TopoUSA, the company is called Delorme

    I use it all the time to plan bike rides and stuff because it shows elevation profiles very nicely.

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