It was pretty hot outside today, so I just stayed inside in the air conditioning, watching zombie movies until after dark.

After it cooled off, I took the Trek out for a ride. I have been riding the new Karate Monkey so much lately, the Trek was feeling neglected and the Nanoraptors don’t really care for the pavement anyway.

So, I’m cruising along a country road, watching the fireflies flicker across the corn fields, and generally having a lovely time. A moment later, the headlights of an overtaking car reveals three pairs of eyeballs in the roadway 50 yards in front of me.

The car passes me, and in a few moments, I see two pairs of eyeballs blinking in sync with my LED.

I flick on my “to see by” light, and behold a fearsome visage.

The two pairs of eyeballs belong to a pair of skunks, now about 10 yards off my front wheel.

A bad encounter with a skunk would definitely ruin my day, so I stop the bike and ponder my next move.

They don’t seem to care much about me, because in the middle of the road, sits the headless remains of a baby skunk. The other two are just sort of staring at their dead baby, seemingly not knowing what to do.

Now I don’t know what to do, because I don’t want to ride through freshly-dead skunk guts, nor do I want to get sprayed by the mourning parents.

I stand there for a minute or so, until another passing car chases the mourners off the roadway. Then, I ride on, trying my best to avoid getting any stink on me.

I thought I was successful, but now that I’m home, showered, and sat next to the bike, I can definitely tell that I’ve drug stinky skunk funk into the house.

My cats seem to find the aroma very interesting, my girlfriend… not so much.

Today: 16 miles
July: 70 miles
2007: 679 miles

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