DCNR Doublethink


Our forests already are suffering the affects[sic] of both our national over-reliance on fossil fuels, and the urgent threat of global warming. Only by taking our head out of the sand and looking for creative solutions will we fully understand if our assets can be used wisely to address the nation’s energy crisis and the astonishing perils of global warming

A message from [DCNR Secretary] Michael DiBerardinis

Bone’s Summary: Let’s build windmills in the State Forests to combat global warming!

Michael DiBerardinis today announced that the department is issuing a position on natural gas
development on state forestlands that favors deep and medium drilling for future lease sales.

— DCNR Press Release (PDF) 4-1-2008

Bone’s Summary: Fuck global warming, there’s oil in them thar hills!

Oil Well

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