Flat Rock


A few weeks ago, I went for a hike with Klinutus and my Evil Sister. Technical difficulties (Klinutus’ computer blew up) prevented me from posting photos until now.

Anyhow, we went to Colonel Denning State Park and did a loop hike. There are a number of hiking trails in the forest surrounding the park. Many of them intersect at the “Wagon Wheel” where there is a trail shelter for weary hikers to rest their bones.

OSM Map of the Wagonwheel and it's shelter

About a mile past the shelter is the Flat Rock Vista, from which you can see so far, it’s kind of ridiculous. Here is a seven image composite of the view.

Ridiculous Panorama of Flat Rock Vista

Here’s one with only 2 pictures.
Klinutus & Evil Sister at Flat Rock Vista

After posing for pictures, we hiked back down to the wagonwheel shelter for lunch. All trail shelters have a log book, where you are supposed to write your name and and what time you left and in what direction you are heading so that the rangers have an easier time finding you if you get lost. Most people, however, just write stupid nonsense in the log book.

I was no exception.

Nonsensical Log Entry

It was a snowy day on the mountain, which made the woods somewhat scenic. This handsome, rugged hiker really adds to the sylvan aesthetic.

A handsome hiker in a snowy wood

There’s more pictures in the Gallery, for those of you like pictures.

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