Head for the Mountains


Head for the Mountains

Far be it for me to disregard the sage wisdom of a beer advertisement.

Saturday, I obediently loaded up my bicycle and drove to the confusingly-named town of Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania to check out the newly-completed south end of the Pine Creek Rail Trail.

There was scenery in great abundance.


Baby Geese

Camp Site

Pine Creek

After about 11 miles or so, I beheld the most majestic visage of all; That great oasis of mountain hospitality: The Waterville Hotel.

The Waterville Hotel

This building is uniquely situated. The PCRT runs through its back yard, and BikePA Route G runs through its front.

BikePA Route G Sign

The establishment bills itself as a “Mountain Cookery and Saloon.”

Mountain Cookery

I stopped in for a bit of refreshment, as I was very thirsty.

I was somewhat conspicuous, as I was the only patron not decked out in camouflage clothing. It was turkey season, evidently, and the hunters had all come down from the mountains to catch a buzz for lunch.

At any rate, I enjoyed my sandwich and beverages, and headed back on the trail. I continued my northward trajectory for a few minutes, but the sound of a quart of beer sloshing around my innards told me it was time to turn back.

Saturday: 23 miles
May: 52 miles
2008: 201 miles

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