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Hammock Camping

Inspired by the delightful goofiness of a certain youtube personality, I’ve been spending some time reading about hammock camping over on, and I decided to get the definitive book on the subject.

It’s pretty much a straight, to the point, screed on the hows and whys of hammock camping.

The idea is that you sleep in a hammock instead of on the ground. The benefits are:

  1. camp anywhere – you don’t need to find a flat, level 6’x3′ piece of ground without roots, rocks, etc
  2. Put your feet up and lounge in luxuriant splendor, even in the midst of inhospitable wilderness
  3. Sleep up above all the bugs, snakes, mud, and creepy crawly things

It is a convincing argument, though I haven’t yet tried to sleep in one. I have found online instructions for constructing a hammock of my very own, but I have not yet sourced all the requisite materials for this project.

I think this strategy would work very nicely for stealth camping on s240s, because the number of possible campsites increases dramatically when all you need are 2 trees to tie up to.

I am eagerly awaiting warmer weather, so I can ride out into the hinterlands with a hammock, a few books, and perhaps a flask of spirits to conduct my leisure in style and comfort.

I give Hammock Camping 3 jihadis out of 5.

3 Jihadis out of 5

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  1. I’ve used my hennessey hammock a few times, and it is great in all the ways you listed. The biggest problem is that it’s cold. When you make your own, I highly recommend an insulated underside.

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