Books: The Sign of the Four


Sherlock Holmes books are fun to read. I got this one from and loaded it in my Kindle.

The Sign of the Four

It’s a story about a murder, a stolen treasure, and the mysteries of colonial India.

There’s even an exciting steam-boat chase on the Thames!

I give it 5 Jihadis out of 5
5 Jihadis out of 5

One thing I noticed, is that Watson specifically mentions Holmes smoking a briar pipe. Every time you see Sherlock Holmes in pictures, he’s smoking a calabash. I was, therefore, always under the impression that Holmes smoked a calabash, when he really smokes a briar!

This changes everything.

Klinutor has pointed out that there is a Sherlock Holmes movie coming out this year. Judging by the trailer, it appears Holmes will be smoking a briar after all.

Briar Pipe

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